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German business man builds his own LEGO empire

BricksyA young German entrepreneur has built a LEGO empire from buying and selling LEGO bricks!

Christophe Blödner started Bricksy in 2005 selling old LEGO sets that have been discontinued by the Danish toy firm.

With a turnover of around €500,000, Bricksy has become one of the largest trading companies for used LEGO in the world – selling regularly to over 50 countries across the globe.

The Local have more on the story…

Life-size Terminator T-800 LEGO model

TerminatorThis is so cool! A life-size T-800 Terminator built with 15,000 bricks by Martin Latta. The life-size T-800 will be on display at Lipno Point for a LEGO exhibit which is running from the start of June through to September!

Entertainment Earth LEGO Sale

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth have a buy one, get one 50% off on all LEGO!

Click on the link for more info!

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Village set for release

Ewok VillageRumours are circulating that a new LEGO Star Wars Ewok village is scheduled for a release later this year!

Star Wars Ewok Village (10236) has an RRP of €249.99 which would suggest that this set is going to be fairly sizeable! Hopefully images of the set will filter through soon…

There is also news that 10234 Sydney Opera House, €279.99 and 10235 Winter Village Market, €89.99 are also scheduled for release before the end of the year!

Watch this space for further details…

LEGO Cuusoo Summer Review closes Monday

LEGOVoting for the LEGO Cuusoo Summer Review closes on Monday 3rd June.

Already qualified for the next stage and up for consideration as future LEGO sets are the Mini Shop Series and a mini-fig scale version of Batman’s Tumbler.

We are big fans of both projects here at Built With Bricks. The Mini Shop Series will appeal to both AFOL’s and kids though a potential drawback is the acquisition of licences to have McDonalds and Starbucks used in LEGO sets.

The Tumbler in mini-fig scale would also be a welcome addition to LEGO sets. There have been a few LEGO Cuusoo projects that have featured the Tumbler but this one seems to be the most accurate to date.

Currently only a few votes shy of qualifying for the next stage is League of Legends of LEGO will it make the required 10,000 votes before midnight on the 3rd June?

The Human Torch & Venom added to LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

X-WingJoystiq are reporting that Venom and The Human Torch have been added to roster of characters for the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Heroes video game!

With a reported 100 unlockable characters within the game including Galactus, Abomination and the usual suspects of Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Captain America and Wolverine, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes the video game is shaping up to be epic!

Sony and LEGO working on interactive toys

SonyLEGO have joined forces with Sony in a bid to bridge the gap between toys and video games.

Seemingly concerned that they are losing their target market to the video gaming industry LEGO have been working with researchers at Sony Science Laboratories in Tokyo fitting a range of motors and cameras into LEGO bricks.

Tech Hive have more on the story…

ReBrick announce the winners of the LEGO Movie competition

LEGO MovieThe winners of the LEGO Movie competition have been announced over at ReBrick!

The winning video will be included in Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s forthcoming The LEGO movie. The film feature the voices Chris Pratt, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Will Ferrell and Elizabeth Banks.

Congratulations to Brootherhoodworkshop for their piece “Gorgy Wants a Horse”.

In second place was “Garbage Man” by Pagonamation.

And in third place Pedro Sequeria with “Unity in Strength”

LEGO unveil life-size X-Wing in Times Square!

The Yoda ChroniclesThe build up to the first episode of The Yoda Chronicles continues! As part of the build up LEGO have unveiled a life-size model of the recent UCS X-Wing Starfighter.

The build took LEGO builders in the Czech Republic four months to complete and a staggering 5,335,200 bricks! To support the LEGO a steel frame was built and as a result the X-wing weighs 20 tonnes! Measuring 13.1 metres long with a wingspan of 13.4 metres the life-size X-Wing is the largest LEGO model to ever be assembled!

The life-size starfighter was shipped from Europe, on a voyage that took 2 months to complete, in 34 parts which were assembled over night before being unveiled to the public today!

The model will be on display at Times Square for the next three days before being transported to LEGOLAND California where it will remain for the rest of the year!

The Yoda Chronicles premieres in the UK next week on Cartoon Network!

1/7th scale remote control LEGO Caterham


We found this remarkable 1/7th scale Caterham 7 over on Car Buzz! This remote control LEGO replica was built with 2,500 bricks and even has a five speed transmission with reverse!