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Elvis The Helicopter destroyed whilst on exhibit

ElvisVery sad news… Ryan McNaught’s 100,000 piece Helicopter, nicknamed Elvis was destroyed in an act of vandalism whilst on display at Cairns Central.

Ryan, also known as The Brickman, is Australia’s only LEGO Certified builder and his $25,000 helicopter had been on show at Cairns Central as part of workshops he had been doing for children.

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Here is how Elvis looked before…

LEGO Castle available to pre-order at Amazon

CastleThe new LEGO Castle sets are now available to pre-order at Amazon!

Lego Castle Forest Ambush priced £7.99
Castle Gold Getaway priced £17.99
The Gatehouse Raid priced £24.99
Dragon Mountain priced £34.99
King’s Castle priced £79.99

Each set is estimated to be three to four weeks away from release.


StiLEGO'sWe all know that walking on LEGO in your bare feet is virtually impossible! But who would have thought of gluing some bricks to a pair of old shoes would make them fashionable?

Well designer Finn Stone has created a pair of shoes or StiLEGO’s as they have been nicknamed.

Check out Finn’s website for more LEGO creations including a teapot, a cane and a bowler hat!

Ninjago to be adapted for a Warner Bros. film

NinjagoHollywood Reporter have broken the news that Ninjago is to be adapted by brothers Dan and Kevin Hageman for a feature length film.

The film will be produced by Warner Bros. who are also producing The LEGO Movie.

One of the key elements from the report is “the film will feature a new take that diverges from the TV series.” Interesting that the Hageman brothers would stray from their tried and tested formula of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu we will have to wait and see…


LEGO TMNT polybag exclusive to TRU US

TMNTThere have been a few new LEGO polybag images surfacing in the last few days – the LEGO Batman polybag with Robin which appears to be an exclusive to Toys R Us in Canada and now this new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles polybag which features the Kraang.

The Kraang minifigure has previously only been available in the Shellraiser set and features a Laser Turret targeting practice accessory!

Yoda Chronicles tour boosts LEGO Star Wars sales

Yoda ChroniclesThe Yoda Chronicles tour is being held as responsible for the 40% increase in sales of LEGO Star Wars sets!

According to Toy News the tour attracted over 10,000 people and 14,000 LEGO Star Wars goodies were handed out to those who attended!

LEGO’s UK Brand Manager, Justin Clasby said: “The Yoda Chronicles Tour was a great success and allowed us to get closer to our consumers whilst engaging directly with thousands of LEGO enthusiasts and LEGO Star Wars fans alike.”

“The tour really encouraged children and families to build together, and was an ideal platform to introduce them to the new and exciting Yoda Chronicles that will unveil LEGO Star Wars secrets throughout 2013.”

To purchase LEGO Star Wars sets from Amazon click on the link LEGO Star Wars

The LEGO of Zelda

The LEGO of Zelda set achieved the pre-requisite of 10,000 votes on LEGO’s CUUSOO web site back in February of this year and is currently being reviewed by the CUUSOO team.

IGN talk to the sets creator Ruben B. Nerheim about the set and his love for LEGO and Zelda. Is Zelda a licence you would like to see LEGO acquire? It is not beyond the realms of doubt, LEGO CUUSOO did approve the Nintendo owned Minecraft licence…

Marquis wins best Spacecraft Award at Brickworld

MarquisThe winner of this years Best Spacecraft Award at Brickworld is this stunning 16,500 piece ship called the Marquis.

Standing 56 inches tall, the Hexan coloniel fleet ship took builder, eight months to build.

The vessel is to feature in a sci-fi novel that builder Peter Mowry and his friends are working on!

The Hexans determined that large regions of the galactic cluster were rich in resources and devoid of life. The Home Council approved plans for the construction of an advanced colonization and resource-gathering fleet anchored by 120 superscale carriers built around a diamond design…

They were large enough to house medium capital ships and hundreds of support craft. Their holds could be configured to store workers and colonists, raw materials or finished goods…

Sightings of gargantuan, diamond-shaped ships are still reported, and in many instances, eyewitnesses describe them as outfitted with heavy armor and weapons batteries, supported by advanced warships and hundreds of fighters and strike craft.


LEGO Wedding dress!

LEGO Wedding DressThis is something you would imagine Lady Gaga wearing! A wedding dress made out of LEGO!

Designed by Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, of Daisy Balloon, the avant-garde creation was designed for Tokyo’s Piece of Peace exhibition!

Gizmodo have more on the story…

Free LEGO Toys with The Daily Mail!

Starting next weekend, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday will be giving away free LEGO polybags!

Taking over The Sun, The Daily Mail will be giving away Gandalf The Grey from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Mail on Sunday will be giving away a miniature Creator Car!