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Awesome Super Mario MOC!

Super MarioA couple of weeks ago we featured Matt de Lanoy’s amazing LEGO Springfield build! Well here is another fine creation from the Illinois graphic designer – Super Mario 64!

The MOC is based on the first level – Bob-omb Battlefield and the attention to detail is incredible with coins and hidden stars dotted about the course!

There have been LEGO Ideas projects for Super Mario but none as impressive as this. Unfortunately another brand holds the licence to make construction sets for Super Mario so it is unlikely to see any official LEGO sets in the near future.



Edible and Functional Chocolate LEGO!

Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has created these cool edible chocolate LEGO bricks which can also be used as building bricks!

Warren Elsmore’s new Brick Flicks book due October

Brick FlicksWarren Elsmore has a new book out in October!

Following on from the Brick City release, Warren recreates iconic scenes from films including Raiders of The Lost Ark, Rocky, King Kong, Lawrence of Arabia and many more!

From Ghost Busters to The Godfather, and Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to Norman Bates in Psycho, here is a  collection of the most iconic film moments and characters of all time, expertly built from LEGO. Following the international success of Brick City: Global Landmarks to Make from LEGO (which was translated into fifteen languages), Warren Elsmore returns with even more brilliant unofficial LEGO creations. A perfect gift for the LEGO enthusiast and the film fan alike, Brick Flicks contains more than 60 entertaining recreations of favourite movies, from musical numbers and shoot-outs, to romantic scenes and classic poster designs. The full-colour illustrations are accompanied by commentary on how they were made and interesting facts about the movies themselves. There are also instructions on how to replicate many of the scenes at home from your own LEGO collection. Whether you are just a beginner or a more advanced LEGO fan, this is a book you won’t be able to put down

DC Comics to get LEGO variant covers

Following on from the success of the LEGO Marvel variant covers, DC comics are planning on releasing 22 LEGO themed variant covers this November.

The first two images to surface are of Action Comics #36 and Supergirl #36.

With Marvel taking over Star Wars titles from January of 2015, it will probably be a matter of time before Star Wars LEGO variant titles are added to the list comic books to get the LEGO treatment!

Incredible LEGO Simpsons Springfield build!

LEGO SpringfieldThe LEGO Simpsons set has proved extremely popular this year so it comes as no surprise to see someone has re-created the Simpsons home town, Springfield in LEGO!

Builder Matt De Lanoy has included all the landmarks from the long running TV series including Moe’ Tavern, the Kwik-E-Mart, Krusty Burger, the Nuclear Power Plant, the nursing home, the Elementary School as well as the Simpsons home!

LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters HQ!

Ghostbusters HQThe iconic New York building featured in the Ghostbusters movies has been re-created in LEGO several times over the last few years!

Sean Kenney was one of the first to build the Firehouse in LEGO form and Alex Jones – better known as Orion Pax has also built an incredibly detailed version influenced not only by the films but also the animated series!

Now Sergio Herencias has re-created the HQ and submitted the idea to LEGO! Currently the project has over 9,000 votes so expect this set to be up for review.

The design looks similar to the one used by Brent Waller, the man behind the LEGO Ideas Ecto-1 set and the Stay Puft projects in the promotional stills for his Ghostbusters projects. It remains to be seen whether LEGO will approve this amazing modular looking build which features lighting as well as hinged wall which opens up to reveal the interior!