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Ninjago is back!

NinjagoNinjago is back for 2014! What that means for the Legends of Chima line remains to be seen but the new design and new sets will be popular amongst kids before the surprise hiatus this year.

Kai Fighter (70721)

Put the heat on General Cryptor and grab the Techno-Blade with Kai Fighter with 2 flick missiles,
jet engines and speed mode wings.  Kai has taken over a civilian vehicle and used his
Techno-Blade to turn it into an awesome red and gold Ninja Fighter! Take off and weave
between the skyscrapers of New Ninjago City with Kai in the cockpit. Shoot the gold-tipped
flick missiles into the path of the evil General Cryptor and evade blasts from his ground-to-air
laser rocket launcher. Defeat General Cryptor then flip the wings back to engage speed mode
and zoom away. Includes 2 minifigures with weapons and an accessory: Kai and General Cryptor.

OverBorg Attack (70722)

Escape on the Green Ninja cycle in OverBorg Attack with all-terrain tank bike, mech chair,
spinning saw blades, jump ramp and 2 minifigures.  Cyrus Borg has been transformed by
technology into OverBorg, and is on a mission to control New Ninjago City and capture the
Green Ninja. Help the Green Ninja escape to safety on his super-slick cycle with golden blades.
The OverBorg has powered up in his mech chair and is giving chase on his all-terrain tank
bike, churning up the road with the two fast-spinning, slicing circular saw blades. Evade the
tank bike’s lasers then accelerate onto the ramp and soar over OverBorg’s fearsome
machine! Includes 2 minifigures with weapons and accessories: OverBorg and Lloyd.

Thunder Raider (70723)

Battle the Nindroids with Jay’s Thunder Raider featuring attack/speed modes, hidden
flick missiles plus Cole’s Earth Mech and Techno-Blade.
Team up Cole and Jay against the Nindroids with Thunder Raider, a versatile Ninja vehicle
full of hidden surprises. Attach Cole’s Earth Mech to the back of Jay’s lightning off-roader.
Engage speed mode and power effortlessly over rough terrain with the high-grip front tank
treads and huge rear wheels. When the Nindroid attacks with its double laser cannon,
detach Cole’s Earth Mech and fight back using the golden sword blasters. Transform the
awesome Thunder Raider into attack mode to shoot hidden missiles and reload until the
Ninjas are victorious! Includes 3 minifigures with weapons: Cole, Jay and a Nindroid.

Extra Clubcard points in Tesco LEGO offer

TescoTesco are running a promotion at present where customers who spend £25.00 or more on LEGO will receive 500 extra Clubcard points!

Head over to their site to check out what they have on offer! Including 25% off selected LEGO Chima sets

LEGOLAND Florida Chima Attraction

LEGOLAND Florida’s latest attraction The LEGO World of Chima opens tomorrow! Today they held a special media day… here are a few photos of what guests can expect at the new attraction!

Cartoon Network Legends of Chima advert

The Cartoon Network premiered the first three episodes of The Legends of Chima earlier this week.

Advertised as from the creators of Ninjago: Master of Spinjitzu and overloaded with the phrase Dude spoken in the goofiest voice. The Legends of Chima sees Laval, The Lion Prince and Cragger, The Crocodile King battle for the mystical power of Chi!

LEGOLAND Florida Legends of Chima update

LEGOLAND Florida’s YouTube Channel has a new video regarding the opening of their new Legends of Chima attraction!

Check out the video below which features some cool artists impressions of how the new attraction will look!

Six year old boy chosen as LEGO Ambassador!

LegoA six year old boy who won a national drawing competition and has been chosen as a brand ambassador for the latest LEGO range!

Maddox Fitzsimmons won a LEGO Club Magazine competition to design a new character or vehicle  for the LEGO Chima World!

News Shopper has more details on the story…

LEGO and CN join forces to expand Chima

ChimaKidscreen are reporting that LEGO and Cartoon Network have plans to expand the Legends of Chima brand.

LEGOLAND Florida will have an entertainment zone dedicated to Chima to coincide with the launch of Legends of Chima on Cartoon Network this summer.

The entertainment zone will include a water ride, a 4D movie along with costumed characters from the series and a Speedorz competitive arena!

As presenting partner, Cartoon Network will have screens placed around the park that will showcase content from the network including the likes of Adventure Time.

LEGOLAND Windsor Legends of Chima 4D launch!

LEGOLAND Windsor’s official YouTube channel has posted a video of the launch of their Legends of Chima 4D attraction! Featuring interviews with Jake Wood, Warwick Davis, Jason Bradbury and Charlie Brooks amongst others!

Tesco reduce price of LEGO Chima Eris Eagle set

Eris EagleTesco have reduced the price of LEGO Chima Eris Eagle Interceptor (70003) to £20.00.

Included with the Eagle Interceptor are Eris, Razar and Rizzo minifigures and a raven glider! Great price for a relatively new set!

The price appears to be in store only as the offer is not available at Tesco Direct.

LEGO Legends of Chima 4D movie

According to LEGOLAND California’s youtube channel a new 12 minute animated 4-D film will open on 8th March 2013 complete with “high-impact special effects”