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LEGO unveil Series 12 Minifigures

MinifiguresThe twelfth series of LEGO Minifigures has been revealed and the line-up includes Video Game Guy, Prospector, 80′s Rocker, Swashbuckler, Jester, Fairytale Princess, Spooky Girl, Pizza Delivery Guy, Hun Warrior, Genie Girl, Lifeguard, Wizard, Dinosaur Tracker, Space Miner, Battle Goddess and Pig Suit Guy.

The series is expected to hit retail in October!

LEGO Minifigures Series 11!

Here are the 16 minifigures to be featured in LEGO’s ongoing Minifigure Series 11. Included in the 16 are: Barbarian, Constable, Diner Waitress, Evil Mech, Gingerbread Man, Grandma, Holiday Elf, Island Warrior, Lady Robot, Mountain Climber, Pretzel Girl, Scientist, Scarecrow, Saxaphone Player, Welder and Yeti!

Happy faces on LEGO minifigures decreasing

Angry LEGOA recent research into 6,000 minifigures showed that happy faces were decreasing!

Dr Christoph Bartneck from the University of Canterbury is the director of Human Interface Technology Laboratory and believes that the increase in number of angry faces could have a significant impact on how children play!

TVNZ have more on the story…

May LEGO Club magazines reveals SW minifigures

LEGO SW MinifiguresThe LEGO Club magazine for May/June 2013 features a double page spread of minifigures to feature in forthcoming LEGO Star Wars sets this year.

It is the first good look at new figures such as Poggle The Lesser, Max Rebo, Ree Yees, Darth Maul and Coleman Trebor. As well as updated versions of Count Dooku, Jango Fett and Slave Leia which was one of the old yellow Star Wars minifigures from 2006!

Amy Farrah Fowler minifigure?

BBTYou have to admit there is more than a passing resemblance to The Big Bang Theory’s Amy Farrah Fowler with Librarian Girl from LEGO Series 10 minifigures.

It would not be the first time LEGO has paid homage to the world of TV or Film with figures from their minifigures series. Have a look at these other examples!

Toy Soldier minifigure free with Minifigures Character Encyclopedia

Amazon have the DK LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia available for pre-order, priced £12.74. The hardback book is due at the start if May and comes with an exclusive Toy Soldier minifgure!

“Go on the ultimate LEGO adventure in LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia, with an exclusive minifigure. Meet every single LEGO Minifigure character, including Punk Rocker and Lawn Gnome as well as the DJ and the Pirate Captain.

Inside you’ll find character biographies, accessories information, and fun LEGO facts – just what is under Bunny Suit Man’s ears? And why is the peaceloving hippie carrying flowers? You can also explore themed pages taking you through various locales like a rock concert, a summer party and the beach.

With inside information on each minifigure’s personality, its likes and dislikes, and real-world information behind its creation, LEGO Minifigures Character Encyclopedia is a must-have for any LEGO fan.”

Click on the image to pre-order!


Argos list Series 10 Minifigures for purchase

Minifigures S10Argos have listed LEGO Series 10 minifigures for purchase! Click here for link. Despite the minifigures not being available until May 2013!

The 16 new figures include Librarian, Decorator, Warrior Woman, Sea Captain, Baseball Fielder, Sad Clown, Trendsetter, Motorcycle Mechanic, Grandpa, Tomahawk Warrior, Paintball Player, Roman Commander, Medusa, Sky Diver, Bumblebee Girl and Revolution Soldier.

There will also be 5,000 golden minifigures randomly distributed throughout the world. This is the first picture of what the golden minifigure will look like – sandwiched between Trendsetter and Motorcycle Mechanic in the top right!

Acrylicize create LEGO minifigure display wall

Acrylicize are a London based company who create “art and interior features for commercial and residential spaces”.

Qubic Tax approached them to commision two installations on the theme of Tax and for one of those pieces they came up with this amazing LEGO minifigure display that includes around 1200 minifigures.

Minifigures Series 9

LEGO have released images of the latest series of minifigures!

Series 9 includes 16 minifigures – Heroic Knight, Hollywood Starlet, Mr. Good and Evil, Forest Maiden, Judge, Fortune Teller, Plumber, Battle Mech, Waiter, Roller Derby Girl, Roman Emperor, Cyclops, Policeman, Chicken Suit Guy, Alien Avenger and Mermaid!