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The New Yoda Chronicles to air Sunday on Disney

New Yoda ChroniclesThe second season of the Yoda Chronicles kicks off in the UK on Sunday 15th June with Escape from the Jedi Temple!

The second episode airs in the US on the same day and here is a teaser trailer which has appeared on the Star Wars YouTube Channel.

The first season of The Yoda Chronicles aired on Cartoon Network last year – who own the broadcast rights to the name of the series, hence the name of the series being altered to Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles!

The Yoda Chronicles returns on May The Fourth!

The Yoda ChroniclesThe second season of The Yoda Chronicles starts in the US on the unofficial International Star Wars Day – May the Fourth!

In this special preview of LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles “Escape from the Jedi Temple,” Emperor Palpatine debuts his new theme music…and introduces his new apprentice, Darth Vader, who’s still getting used to the whole mechanical-legs thing!

Yoda Chronicles: Menace of The Sith trailer debuts

The Yoda ChroniclesLEGO Star Wars special, The Yoda Chronicles returns with a brand new episode, The Menace of The Sith featuring Jek-14 as the Force sensitive Clone created by Count Dooku!




Yoda Chronicles tour boosts LEGO Star Wars sales

Yoda ChroniclesThe Yoda Chronicles tour is being held as responsible for the 40% increase in sales of LEGO Star Wars sets!

According to Toy News the tour attracted over 10,000 people and 14,000 LEGO Star Wars goodies were handed out to those who attended!

LEGO’s UK Brand Manager, Justin Clasby said: “The Yoda Chronicles Tour was a great success and allowed us to get closer to our consumers whilst engaging directly with thousands of LEGO enthusiasts and LEGO Star Wars fans alike.”

“The tour really encouraged children and families to build together, and was an ideal platform to introduce them to the new and exciting Yoda Chronicles that will unveil LEGO Star Wars secrets throughout 2013.”

To purchase LEGO Star Wars sets from Amazon click on the link LEGO Star Wars

First look at the LEGO Yoda Chronicles book

Yoda ChroniclesHere is a look at inside the new Dorling Kindersley The Yoda Chronicles care of USA Today.

In the trailer we catch a glimpse of General Grievous, Yoda’s Padawans and his home on Dagobah!

The book also includes a Special Forces Commander Clone Trooper minifigure.


LEGO unveil life-size X-Wing in Times Square!

The Yoda ChroniclesThe build up to the first episode of The Yoda Chronicles continues! As part of the build up LEGO have unveiled a life-size model of the recent UCS X-Wing Starfighter.

The build took LEGO builders in the Czech Republic four months to complete and a staggering 5,335,200 bricks! To support the LEGO a steel frame was built and as a result the X-wing weighs 20 tonnes! Measuring 13.1 metres long with a wingspan of 13.4 metres the life-size X-Wing is the largest LEGO model to ever be assembled!

The life-size starfighter was shipped from Europe, on a voyage that took 2 months to complete, in 34 parts which were assembled over night before being unveiled to the public today!

The model will be on display at Times Square for the next three days before being transported to LEGOLAND California where it will remain for the rest of the year!

The Yoda Chronicles premieres in the UK next week on Cartoon Network!

The Yoda Chronicles: Secrets to Reveal There Are

The Yoda ChroniclesThe Yoda Chronicles premieres on 29th May and LEGO’s month long celebration of Star Wars continues! According to this video uploaded to the official LEGO YouTube Channel, something huge will be unveiled at Times Square… what could it be?

Edit: It would appear that on the 23rd May, LEGO will be unveiling the world’s largest ever LEGO model!

Toy Ark have details on the press kit that was circulated in the US. The exclusive kit includes a LEGO Star Wars Holocron Chamber set which consists of 408 pieces and 3 minifigures including Yoda, a female Padawan and a droid!

LEGO Yoda Chronicles game trailer

Yoda ChroniclesThe Yoda Chronicles seems to be everywhere you look at present and now you can download the free to play game for your iPhone or iPad! The game will be available for Android phones later this year and is also available to play at LEGO’s web site

Players choose their side – Light (Jedi) or Dark (Sith) and like previous LEGO Star Wars games combines a blend of humour and action across 15 levels and 5 mini-missions!

The Yoda Chronicles Tour ends tomorrow


The Yoda Chronicles Tour comes to an end tomorrow with the final leg of the tour scheduled for Westfield Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London

As with the previous two weekends, visitors will be able to help build the six foot LEGO model of Yoda and have the chance to get an exclusive photo taken with a Jedi Master lightsaber stood next to a LEGO Darth Vader and a LEGO Stormtrooper in the green screen area.

Here is a time lapse video from last weekends build.

The Yoda Chronicles gets an official release date

The Yoda ChroniclesThe Yoda Chronicles TV specials are set to air on Cartoon Network in the US on 29th May.

The Yoda Chronicles is the latest work of award winning writer/producer Michael Price who has previously worked on The Simpsons as well as LEGO Star Wars: The Padawan Menace and The Empire Strikes Out.

No news of when the series is to air on UK TV.

Check out the trailer for The Yoda Chronicles below